Padawan360 Release - R2-D2 + Arduino + Xbox 360 Controller

I've released my Arduino code and (not yet complete) documentation for my R2-D2 remote control system on GitHub. I'm calling it Padawan360 as it is based off of another club members control system he called 'Padawan,' name used with his permission of course.

The intent of this system was to use more readily available parts that were also more reliable and about the same price. Many members, including myself who used the original Padawan control system with Playstation 2 controller. The controllers were spotty brand to brand and were increasingly more difficult to source, let alone working ones. Padawan360 also is more plug and play as controller extension cables or dongles are no longer needed to be stripped or opened up to be soldered into headers or pins.

The system supports I2C to control lights and other components like servos. Light support is part of this release with servos coming soon.

I'm excited to get this out there and hope people use it. A local club member has already asked me to help him get set up and going as his droid has been having issues with the PS2 controllers as well.


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